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$1 million is enough -- and other retirement myths, Fri, 18 Apr 2014

If you believe and act on these myths, you may run out of money before you run out of time.

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Follow these guidelines to get your new dream home for as little money as possible.

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Celebrities make the same mistakes as regular folks, except on an extravagant scale.

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Savings accounts offer lousy yields. Ask these questions to decide if you still need one.

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Home flipping is back. Flippers say they learned lessons from the housing bust.

Cast insurance protects Hollywood star power, Fri, 18 Apr 2014

Producers insure their investments for times when fate takes a big star too soon.

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Even at this modest price, you have solid choices in the used car market.

Can a car's brand image hurt its resale value?, Fri, 18 Apr 2014

Even if a car has good resale value, unexpected events can put a dent in your sale price.

Working widow wants Social Security bucks, Fri, 18 Apr 2014

Check the earnings test on taking Social Security benefits before full retirement age.

Where will mortgage rates head next week?, Thu, 17 Apr 2014

Mortgage experts predict what will happen to rates over the next week -- and why.

When does old debt fall off your credit report?, Thu, 17 Apr 2014

Checking your credit reports is the best way to see if old debts are still lingering.

Can Dad's new wife steal his Social Security?, Thu, 17 Apr 2014

If your stepmom is using your dad's benefit for herself, call Social Security's fraud hotline.

Do I owe tax on my home sale if I move for a job?, Thu, 17 Apr 2014

If you have to sell within two years, you may still qualify for a reduced exclusion.

Video: Mortgage rates for April 17, 2014, Thu, 17 Apr 2014

Mortgage rates dropped for the second week in a row.

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Rates on most new and used car loans held steady this week.

Mortgage rates may trend higher in 2014, Thu, 17 Apr 2014

A professor says mortgage rates and home prices may continue to climb in 2014.

The best financial apps for Android phones, Thu, 17 Apr 2014

These apps can transform your Android smartphone into a powerful personal finance tool.

7 effective ways to tackle high and hidden fees, Thu, 17 Apr 2014

Surprised by a smartphone upgrade fee? Learn how to reduce this and other budget-busters.

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With safety in mind, we chose these cars for protecting your most precious cargo.

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You may find less money in every paycheck, but in the long run, saving in a 401(k) will pay off.